[SEEK-Taxon] submission of proposal for Taxonomic Concept Schema standard to the TDWG Executive Committee

Kukla, Robert R.Kukla at napier.ac.uk
Wed Aug 11 10:12:53 PDT 2004

Dear Prof Stan Blum,

we would like to submit the draft schema and documentation for consideration as a TDWG standard for the transfer of taxonomic concepts/names. It can be found as DraftStandard on the following wiki page: http://tdwg.napier.ac.uk/ Supporting documentation can also be found through this link.

Open review of this proposal can be facilitated through the same wiki site where we have provided the following discussion page: http://www.soc.napier.ac.uk/tdwg/index.php?pagename=DraftStandardDiscussion. We encourage reviewers to create separate sub-pages for different issues. Whilst it is possible to read and write comments anonymously it would be helpful if people would log in with their name (no registration necessary).

Robert Kukla (p.p. Jessie Kennedy)

Prof. Jessie B Kennedy 
School of Computing 
Napier University 
Merchiston Campus 
10 Colinton Road tel: +44 (0)131-455-2772 
Edinburgh fax: +44 (0)131-455-2727 
EH10 5DT 
Scotland email: j.kennedy at napier.ac.uk 

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