[seek-kr-sms] my emails on SWRL: lost images

Serguei Krivov Serguei.Krivov at uvm.edu
Sat Apr 23 22:00:11 PDT 2005

I think we'll have many details of this language ready for prime time
by May 12th (the Berkeley Ptolemy/Kepler miniconf.) and even before
for the SEEK meeting.. are you going as well? You should meet with
Shawn then! (Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it, as much as I'd
like to..)


Hi Bertram,
I am looking forward to see  the  sparrow flying!!!! How to refer to sparrow
in a peer reviewed material? I have to prepare one by May 3.

Unfortunately I also can't make it  to May 1st meeting...


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