[seek-kr-sms] my emails on SWRL: lost images

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at ucdavis.edu
Sat Apr 23 22:41:59 PDT 2005

Serguei Krivov writes:
 > Hi Bertram,
 > I am looking forward to see  the  sparrow flying!!!! 

Me too -- It'll be a Sparrow with after-burner ;-)

 > How to refer to sparrow
 > in a peer reviewed material? I have to prepare one by May 3.

Can't help you with a real reference just yet (but we're working on a
technical note/report).

However there are many other instances of "de-uglified" syntaxes for
RDF, OWL, XML etc. For the latter, see e.g. 

Of course the oldest and most widespread "XML syntax" is LISP...
Prolog syntax is nice because you can define new unary and binary
operators and get wonderful Sparrow statements such as:

  employee isa person and worksfor some company.

just declare isa/2, and/2 some/2 as binary operators with the right
precedence (=3 trivial lines of Prolog code and you have a Sparrow
parser Sparrow expressions with 'isa', 'and', and 'some'.

So one line of code per operator... 
hard to beat (but easy to read!) 


 > Unfortunately I also can't make it  to May 1st meeting...
 > Thanks,
 > serguei

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