[seek-kr-sms] my emails on SWRL: lost images

Serguei Krivov Serguei.Krivov at uvm.edu
Sat Apr 23 21:16:24 PDT 2005


has_uncle(X1,X3) :- has_parent(X1,X2), has_brother(X2,X3).


This is as clear as it gets. It's human readable, easy to parse, and I

don't see how it can be improved (if it ain't broken don't fix it ;-).


Hi Bertram,

I apologize again about the mess around html format.


I love prolog syntax. If this syntax could be extended to cleanly describe
OWL-DL constructs, such as unions, complements, enumerations, and worst of
all-  property restrictions, then it would be the best for SWRL. Currently
SWRL abstract syntax   uses OWL abstract syntax for this purpose. ( It is
called abstract because rdfs based syntax, which is the worst is assumed to
be concrete)


 I love to use my LaTeX editor and paste images from pdf files to email, but
I would much prefer not to do it. But how could I describe concisely in
ascii the example of rule as follows ( I added it also in attachments): 

The question is actually how to describe property restrictions that could be
nested and combined with Boolean operations in any  manner.




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