[seek-kr-sms] my emails on SWRL: lost images

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at ucdavis.edu
Sat Apr 23 19:50:51 PDT 2005

Hi Serguei:

Thanks for going through the trouble of making these HTML emails work

Yes, I can now see the image. 

However, all said and done, I still don't quite understand why we
cannot keep the rule as is: 

has_uncle(X1,X3) :- has_parent(X1,X2), has_brother(X2,X3).

This is as clear as it gets. It's human readable, easy to parse, and I
don't see how it can be improved (if it ain't broken don't fix it ;-).

Again, if tools support SWRL so be it. Maybe we have to do it also. 
But there is really no technical contribution in providing yet another
syntax for a non-existent problem (IMHO). But then again, maybe I'm
missing something fundamental about SWRL..


Serguei Krivov writes:
 > Also, for data integration with these kinds of "arbitrary" concept 
 > expressions, you might look at this paper:
 > http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/alon/site/files/pods97-dl.ps
 > Shawn
 > It is a very interesting paper!
 > Bertram and Shawn,
 > While reading my own messages  in your replies I noticed that the images I
 > sent were actually lost( I sent emails in html and I am not sure you got
 > them) and all the meaning of what I wanted to say  was lost as a consequence
 > of the html2ascii conversion.
 > Here are my real emails in the attachments.
 > Sorry.. 
 > serguei

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