[seek-dev] Proposal to repackage the stubs.

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Tue Sep 13 14:52:38 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I would like to propose repackaging the stub and assorted client classes
in order to facilitate easier building and developer understanding of
the code.

Currently, in the package org.ecogrid.ecoinformatics there are 29
different java files.  These files are a mixture of axis generated stubs
from xsds, hand coded utility classes, and client classes.  Then in
o.e.e.stubs there are stubs for at least 3 different wsdls.

I suggest we partition these classes into more useful packages along
these lines:

org.ecogrid.ecoinformatics.resultset - parent package for all stuff
related to the resultset.xsd
org.ecogrid.ecoinformatics.resultset.stubs - generated classes from
org.ecogrid.ecoinformatics.resultset.util - hand coded utility classes
such as: EcogridResultsetParser and EcogridResultsetTransformer.

org.ecogrid.ecoinformatics.query - similarly for query.xsd

org.ecogrid.ecoinformatics.queryservice - parent package for
EcoGridQueryInterfaceLevel*.gwsdl generated things.
o.e.e.queryservice.bindings - generated code
o.e.e.queryservice.service - generated code
o.e.e.queryservice.client - hand coded client code EcogridFactoryQueryClient

org.ecogrid.ecoinformatics.putservice - for EcoGridPutInterfaceLevel*

org.ecogrid.ecoinformatics.authservice - for EcoGridAuthInterfaceLevel*

I would not be adverse to having all the wsdl generated code in a single
package (rather than have bindings & service sub packages).  Also, the
o.e.e.resultset.util code could be put in o.e.e.resultset directly.

These changes would make both the build easier to maintain and the
overall code base easier to understand.


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