[seek-dev] Namespace in query.xsd

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Tue Sep 13 06:15:01 PDT 2005

Jing,  Nows as good a time as any.  But before delivering a new jar to
the kepler development cvs, I'd like to propose some more changes:

There are some java source files in org.ecoinformatics.ecogrid which are
strictly for the Digir Server code.  I'd like to move those to the
digir.impl package.

We should remove the old client code from the repository and jar.

Also, I'd like to see only a single client side jar which includes all
the stubs, helpers and client classes.  Perhaps including all the
different clients.


Jing Tao wrote:

>Hi, devs:
>After today's dicussion with matt and kevin, I recalled a long time issue 
>in query.xsd. I think it is time to fix it now. In query.xsd, the namespace 
>element has attribute maxOccurs="unbounded". This means the namespace 
>is repeatable and you may search multiple namespace documents in one 
>query. But our decision is we only search one namespace documents for one query.
>I double checked the stub files in ecogrid service and found the namespace 
>is an array of QueryType_namespace objects rather than a single 
>QueryType_namespace objects. This is consistent to our current 
>So if we changed the query schema, we need to change the stub files and 
>metacat, digir, geon and registry implementation classes.
>Any suggestiong and comment will be appreciated.
>Jing Tao
>National Center for Ecological
>Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)
>735 State St. Suite 204
>Santa Barbara, CA 93101
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