[seek-dev] found the problem about DiGir factory service

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Wed Mar 9 12:09:41 PST 2005

Hi Rod,

Finally found the reason why query factory didn't work in one
particular machine, kuecogrid.ittc.ku.edu.

Here is the reason.

In your place, you must have a Network Address Translation for
internal machines. i.e. kuecogrid.ittc.ku.edu internally uses
a private IP address and the published IP for this machine is
routed by your firewall to this machine.

So when an instance is created and a new GSH returned to Ecogrid client
will be like following.

Note the private IP address is used here. Then the client fails when it uses
this GSH.

Actually when we see a private IP address in viewing WSDL file for a
service, an OGSA client will
always encounter the problem.

A solution is to set configuration properly so that Axis uses logical host
name instead of
using IP address. This can be done by putting following two lines of
in 'server-config.wsdd'.

   <parameter name="publishHostName" value="true"/>
   <parameter name="logicalHost" value="kuecogrid.ittc.ku.edu"/>


Acknowledgement: I found the solution after I searched internet via google
and found the mail,

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