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Christopher Jones cjones at lifesci.ucsb.edu
Wed Mar 17 10:40:36 PST 2004


I've successfully used the Adobe SVG plugin with Mozilla and Firefox, 
so I would imagine it would work in newer versions of Netscape.  As for 
the compatibility, I've mostly had trouble with the embedded fonts.  If 
I save from Illustrator 'using system fonts', then I can open the SVG 
with sodipodi on Linux.


On Mar 17, 2004, at 10:07 AM, Matt Jones wrote:

> Rod,
> We've had trouble with these diagramming formats.  Although I'd like 
> to say the SVG format is portable, we've found in general that it is 
> not yet.  Each SVG editor seems to export an SVG file format that it, 
> and only it, can read.  So, for now we settled on using Illustrator 
> for the SVG editor, hoping that it would eventually be openable in 
> other SVG tools.  By changing some of the save options I've managed to 
> get a version saved that opens in other SVG editors such as sodipodi 
> and Batik.  Let me know if that helped.
> Matt
> PS --we're waiting for you on the ecogrid conference call right NOW
> Rod Spears wrote:
>> I downloaded and installed Adobe's SVG viewer but it only works in 
>> IE. Anyone know if it works in Netscape?
>> Also, when using it in IE I can only see the top 2 diagrams and there 
>> are no scrollbars.
>> Is there a better SVG viewer?
>> Rod
>> Jing Tao wrote:
>>> Dear ecogrid folks:
>>> The design documents are in kepler/docs/dev dir.
>>> The file ecogridDatasetClassDiagrams.vsd is for class diagram 
>>> design. And the file ecogridDatasetDesign.svg is for collaboration 
>>> design.
>>> Screenshots is in sub dir - screenshots. The first one is init.png. 
>>> The following ones are: datasetGUIDisplayBeforeExpand.png, 
>>> datasetGUIDisplay.png, dragDataTableSelectionAttribute.png, 
>>> dragDataTable.png and lookInside.png.
>>> The metadata display and data display are 
>>> doubleClickMetadataDisplay.png and doubleClickDataDisplay.png.
>>> The advance search screenshots are: subjectSearch.png,  
>>> taxonomicSearch.png, spatialSearch.png and optionSearch.png.
>>> Hope this is helpful for tomorrow's conference. Talk with you at 
>>> 10:00 am (PCT)!
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jing
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