[seek-dev] resultset question

Saritha Bhandarkar Saritha.Bhandarkar at asu.edu
Fri Apr 9 10:28:05 PDT 2004

I had a question about the resultset to be returned by Xanthoria.
The schema of the resultset specifies that a record is of type
"AnyRecordType" and optionally it may have some element content from the
record. Now, my question here is, if I am to return the elements
specified in the <returnfields> of the query, for the matching records
(that is from the matching eml file), do I need to send it in eml
format,  with only relevant values for requested fields and no values
for the fields which are not requested? Or is it enough to return only
the requested fields with their values, as well-formed xml? Can someone
please brief me on the contents of a record in resultsetType?
Saritha Bhandarkar
Research Assistant
Center for Environmental Studies
ASU-Tempe AZ
 <mailto:saritha.bhandarkar at asu.edu> saritha.bhandarkar at asu.edu
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