[seek-dev] Special issue of IEEE Distributed Systems on Data Management Systems

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Jun 10 08:36:24 PDT 2003

Raja --

Were you aware of this call for papers?  I wasn't.  But it is incredibly 
relevant.  Any possibility of getting a paper in by the new deadline 
(July 1), possibly on EcoGrid/SRB/data management?  Maybe take the 
heterogeneous data angle and need for rich metadata within the 
ecological community as a case study?  You could talk about the use of 
the SRB for high volume data, and how extending it to accomodate 
heterogeneous data requires a rich metdata model like in EML?

Unfortunately, I'm gone for the latter half of June, so I really can not 
help on this one.  So its really not fair of me to throw it your way 
with such short notice.  But it was too good of an opportunity to just 
pass by.

Thanks for considering it,

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