[seek-dev] GARP redistribution

David Stockwell davids at sdsc.edu
Fri Dec 19 09:06:10 PST 2003


No problem, original copyright attached. I don't know the details
of GPL or BSD. 

> ***Copyright***
> This program is the copyrighted and the intellectual property of
> David R.B. Stockwell of Symbiotik Pty. Ltd.  Permission is given to
> use and distribute this program without cost, providing no fee
> is charged. 
> ***Caveat on the use of the GARP modelling package***
> While this package of genetic algorithms appear to hold a lot of promise
> as general purpose modelling tools, the author disclaims any warranties
> of fitness for any particular problem.
> David Stockwell

 Pereira, Ricardo Scachetti wrote:

>  Chad,
>  As far as I'm concerned there is no problem redistributing the code
>under BSD or GPL licenses.
>  However, since that code is partially based on the original version of
>GARP developed by David Stockwell, you might want to check with him
>whether there is a problem redistributing it or not.
>  Regards,
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>Subject: [seek-dev] GARP redistribution
>Hi Ricardo,
>Matt and I were wondering what the license is on the GARP code that you
>gave me.  Can it be redistributed under the BSD or GPL license?  We
>would like to be able to redistribute this with Kepler so that it can
>work with the SEEK workflow system.  let us know if you have any
>problems with redistributing this code.
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