[seek-dev] Best practices re. posting images and diagrams in CVS

Dave Vieglais vieglais at ku.edu
Tue Apr 15 10:43:21 PDT 2003

I was in the process of doing just this when the network went out this 
AM.   SVG and "MHT" (microsoft's internet explorer web archive) format 
renderings are now available in CVS at the same locations.

   Dave V.

Matt Jones wrote:
> Ricardo,
> Indeed. Agreed. The files you probably are referring to are 'jnt' files 
> from the new Windows Journal application for TabletPCs.  We were 
> experimenting with its use for note-taking during a meeting, which was 
> quite good.  We were all envious of Dave's new TabletPC laptop. 
> Unfortunately, the file format is, as usual, proprietry Microsoft.  But 
> they can be read (on Windows) with a free viewer application.  And I 
> think Dave has a way to produce SVG files from them...Dave, can you do 
> that so others can see the notes?  Thanks.
> Matt
> Ricardo Scachetti Pereira wrote:
>>    Dear SEEKers,
>>    I have two comments regarding the use of CVS to store design 
>> documents images and diagrams that might be useful:
>>    1) People store files on CVS in various formats, and sometimes it 
>> is not obvious from the file extension what is the format or what 
>> application generated the file. It would be helpful to include that 
>> information in the comments (just on the first version would do);
>>    2) Some developers don't share the same applications that some 
>> others use to generate diagrams or other graphical documents. That is 
>> fine. But it would be useful to generate an copy of the image in jpg 
>> or gif formats besides the original format used (just like Matt did 
>> with the Ecogrid diagram in Adobe Ilustrator and I did with the GARP 
>> diagrams in MS-Visio). That would allow more users to browse the 
>> documents. Also, suggestions for more exchangeable formats are welcome.
>>    That is about it.
>>    Happy SEEKing for everyone.
>> Ricardo

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