[seek-dev] Best practices re. posting images and diagrams in CVS

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Apr 15 09:46:46 PDT 2003


Indeed. Agreed. The files you probably are referring to are 'jnt' files 
from the new Windows Journal application for TabletPCs.  We were 
experimenting with its use for note-taking during a meeting, which was 
quite good.  We were all envious of Dave's new TabletPC laptop. 
Unfortunately, the file format is, as usual, proprietry Microsoft.  But 
they can be read (on Windows) with a free viewer application.  And I 
think Dave has a way to produce SVG files from them...Dave, can you do 
that so others can see the notes?  Thanks.


Ricardo Scachetti Pereira wrote:
>    Dear SEEKers,
>    I have two comments regarding the use of CVS to store design 
> documents images and diagrams that might be useful:
>    1) People store files on CVS in various formats, and sometimes it is 
> not obvious from the file extension what is the format or what 
> application generated the file. It would be helpful to include that 
> information in the comments (just on the first version would do);
>    2) Some developers don't share the same applications that some others 
> use to generate diagrams or other graphical documents. That is fine. But 
> it would be useful to generate an copy of the image in jpg or gif 
> formats besides the original format used (just like Matt did with the 
> Ecogrid diagram in Adobe Ilustrator and I did with the GARP diagrams in 
> MS-Visio). That would allow more users to browse the documents. Also, 
> suggestions for more exchangeable formats are welcome.
>    That is about it.
>    Happy SEEKing for everyone.
> Ricardo

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