[kepler-dev] download actor from "kepler analytical component repository"

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Mar 20 09:24:38 PDT 2008

Hi Eric,

If you look at the url that it's trying to download, it's using an lsid 
resolver to get at the file 
(http://kepler-project.org/authority/data?lsid=...).  It's possible that 
you didn't install the lsid resolver when you installed metacat or it 
may be pointing to our resolver instead.  Take a look at that url and 
see what it's actually pointing to.  If you need to install the lsid 
resolver, it's part of the ecogrid installation (see below).

As an alternate, if you want to eliminate the lsid resolver, you could 
change the stylesheets (in the metacat/lib/style/skins/kepler dir) to 
just use the metacat identifier for the file.  You've probably noticed 
that the skin for our web repository is kinda ugly and doesn't really 
work all that well.  We've been meaning to rewrite it for some time and 
haven't had the staff time to do it.  Sorry it's such a mess.

If you want to install the lsid resolver, you'll need to get the ecogrid 
repository from CVS (cvs co seek/projects/ecogrid).  In that repository, 
you'll see a file called identifierService-INSTALL that should guide you 
through installing the service.  Let us know if you have any questions. 
  If you want to chat with us in real time about this, you can login to 
our IRC server at irc.ecoinformatics.org and join the #kepler channel.


Eric Magaha wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running my own instance of metacat/ecogrid on a private network.  I 
> can browse my uploaded actors at the following url 
> http://localhost/knb/style/skins/kepler by clicking on the "browse 
> existing kepler analytical components".
> If I click on "view documentation" it brings up a page with the actor 
> name and there is a link to "download" the actor image.
> If I click on the "download" link I immediately get an error, somewhat 
> down the stacktrace is....
> java.net.UnknownHostException: kepler-project.org 
> <http://kepler-project.org>
> I can see in the url that "kepler-project.org 
> <http://kepler-project.org>" is part of the value of the "lsid" 
> parameter.  From the stacktrace I assume the value of the "lsid" 
> parameter is incorrect.  So I replace "kepler-project.org 
> <http://kepler-project.org>" in the "lsid" parameter with my server 
> name.  After I do that, the browser just seems to wait (I get windows 
> hourglass).
> I look at my web server (apache2 with tomcat5 and mod_jk2) and apache2 
> spawns a WHOLE bunch of processes.  Eventually the browser will timeout 
> and have a stacktrace about tomcat maxThreads.  I usually have to 
> restart tomcat at this point.
> Any idea why I cannot download the actors from MY repository using a 
> browser?  I tested on both firefox and IE.
> Thanks.
> Eric
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