[kepler-dev] download actor from "kepler analytical component repository"

Eric Magaha ericmagaha at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 08:09:57 PDT 2008


I am running my own instance of metacat/ecogrid on a private network.  I can
browse my uploaded actors at the following url
http://localhost/knb/style/skins/kepler by clicking on the "browse existing
kepler analytical components".

If I click on "view documentation" it brings up a page with the actor name
and there is a link to "download" the actor image.

If I click on the "download" link I immediately get an error, somewhat down
the stacktrace is....

java.net.UnknownHostException: kepler-project.org

I can see in the url that "kepler-project.org" is part of the value of the
"lsid" parameter.  From the stacktrace I assume the value of the "lsid"
parameter is incorrect.  So I replace "kepler-project.org" in the "lsid"
parameter with my server name.  After I do that, the browser just seems to
wait (I get windows hourglass).

I look at my web server (apache2 with tomcat5 and mod_jk2) and apache2
spawns a WHOLE bunch of processes.  Eventually the browser will timeout and
have a stacktrace about tomcat maxThreads.  I usually have to restart tomcat
at this point.

Any idea why I cannot download the actors from MY repository using a
browser?  I tested on both firefox and IE.


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