[kepler-dev] Kepler distribution for Solaris

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Jun 28 11:27:23 PDT 2007

Hi Amanda,
    With regard to your question about actors that call JNI, there are 3 
'GARP' actors (GARPPresampleLayers, GARPAlgorithm, and GARPPrediction) 
that use a JNI connection to C++ code. A workflow that uses these actors 
is $KEPLER/demos/SEEK/garpModel_ImageJ.xml.
    Currently, we have the dynamic link libraries for these JNI actors 
in the $KEPELR/lib directory with libraries for Linux, Mac OSX, and 
    Source code for these and several other JNI actors is in the 
$KEPLER/src/cpp directory.

    With regard to putting a precompiled Sun version of Kepler on the 
www.kepler-project.org site, it seems to me that this is just the Sun 
version of the current installers that on the web site now. I built the 
current installers and it would be easy to add a link to a Sun 
distribution. Matt Jones is the project manager for this and he needs to 
decide the mechanisms (i.e. you could send me a file, or you could be 
given access to the server). Matt is on vacation now. I'll talk to him 
when he returns.

Dan Higgins


Amanda Waite - SUN ISV-Engineering wrote:

> Hi there,
> I was originally asked to look at how we could make Kepler available on 
> the Sun Grid at network.com and that's kind of morphed into, "what can 
> we do to help the Kepler community with enabling Kepler for the Grid 
> (Specifically Sun Grid Engine)", something that we are looking into. In 
> the meantime I've been asked if I could build Kepler on Solaris 10 and 
> make it available for people to download and install and run on Solaris 
> without having to make any changes to scripts, etc. This is fairly 
> straightforward as Kepler builds with no problems on Solaris 10 and the 
> workflow tests and examples all run to completion (with one exception 
> that I'm still looking into). I feel that the best place for hosting a 
> Solaris 10 distro would be on kepler-project.org and wanted to find out 
> if this is possible and what would need to be in place to make it 
> happen. An alternative option would be to make it available as a Soalris 
> package from blastwave.org, but | feel that its better if at all 
> possible, for someone wanting to run Kepler on Solaris to get it from 
> the community site. Let me know if this is something that would be of 
> interest to the community.
> BTW: Are there any workflows that test the actors that call into native 
> code via JNI? I should be able to build the libraries on Solaris but I'd 
> then need to test them.
> Kind Regards
> Amanda

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