[kepler-dev] Problem fix when building Kepler via both Eclipse Ant + Eclipse Project

Tony O'Hagan tohagan at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue Jun 5 22:11:07 PDT 2007

I found that when building Kepler+Ptolemy using Eclipse Project and Eclipse
Ant that you can get into what I suspect is an infinite build loop or at
least a very long and slow build (I ran out of patience and aborted Eclipse
several times).

To avoid this you need to exclude the "build/" subdirectory from the
kepler/ptII build path.  I'd recommend that .classpath.default be updated to
reflect this change (I don't have CVS write access).

Step by Step:
1. Select Eclipse 'kepler' project 
2. View project properties via the context menu.
3. Select 'Java build path' 
4. Select the 'Source' tab
5. Under the 'kepler/ptII' source tree select the 'Excluded' tree node
6. Click the 'Edit' button
7. Click the lower 'Add' button beside the Exclusion patterns.
8. Enter 'build/' in the pop up window.
9. Save & Close all dialogs.

Tony O'Hagan


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