[kepler-dev] Can you make a workflow into a new actor type?

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Jun 6 09:23:41 PDT 2007

HI Tony,

KSW and KAR are, in fact, the same thing.  The discrepancy in naming 
came from an after-the-fact name change that hasn't been modified in the 

What you want to do is actually possible from the GUI of kepler.  If you 
drag a CompositeActor out onto the canvas, then build whatever workflow 
you want inside of that (rt. click on it and choose "open actor"), you 
can then right click on the composite and either choose "Export to 
Archive (KAR)" or "Save in Library".  The Export function will just 
create a kar file with your new composite actor in it, which can then be 
imported via the File/Import Archive menu item.  The "Save to Library" 
function will put the new actor into the library automatically and allow 
you to add or remove places in the actor tree where you want it to 
appear.  You need to change the name of the actor before you this, or 
you'll get an error that an actor with the name "CompositeActor" already 

Jump on IRC (irc.ecoinformatics.org) if you need any help.


Tony O'Hagan wrote:
> I'm using a very recent version of Kepler/Ptolemy code downloaded via CSV.
> I'd like to save a workflow and then make it appear like any actor class
> types by giving it a .KAR file that will appear in the component tree.
> Is this possible and if so how?
> I've read through everything I can find on KSW files and also perused the
> KSW source code but I don't think this is targeted at this.
> Thanks,
> Tony O'Hagan
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