[kepler-dev] compile + tutorial question

Nicolas Saettel nicolas.saettel at unicaen.fr
Mon Jan 15 05:55:33 PST 2007

Hi all,
I have a few questions about the CVS checkout and compiling, as well as 
the tutorial.
Everytime I try to run *ant buildkarlib*, I have an error message that 
the MANIFEST.MF file is not found in 
kepler/src/actors/ADNToHTMLConversion/ - I checked on the online version 
and I see it in kepler/src/actors/ADNToHTMLConversion/Attic/ !
Besides, I tried to do the exercise 1 in your tutorial to get an idea, 
but the instructions are a bit confusing to me (a non-expert in java 
-yet): could you give me a final version of the HelloWorld.java file so 
I can compare? I also saw you presented a tutorial at the SC06, would it 
be possible to have a copy to work alone?
Thanks a lot,

Nicolas Saettel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
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http://www.cermn.unicaen.fr - http://www.pharmacie.unicaen.fr

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