[kepler-dev] [kepler-users] {Filename?} Suggest changes in kepler startup script

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Apr 23 13:45:38 PDT 2007

    Thank you very much for the suggested changes. The scripts are 
generated using ant in order build the classpath which get changed as 
jars are added/deleted. I will dig into the script and incorporate your 

Dan Higgins

Lisong Sun wrote:
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> Dear kepler developers,
> We found that the current kepler startup script has the following 
> problems that got in our way when using it:
> 1. Used relative path which makes it necessary to start kepler from 
> its root directory. It won't simply work if kepler directory is set in 
> $PATH.
> 2. Won't take existing workflow file as input in command line. Always 
> need to open the file from menu after kepler is started.
> Attached our modified version of the startup script for both unix 
> shell version and windows batch file that can fix those problems.
> I'm not sure if those two scripts were actually generated by ant or 
> not. If so, it may require a little more work.
> Please consider merge the changes into your release so that we won't 
> have to apply patch after each updates.
> Thanks.
> Lisong Sun
> Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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