[kepler-dev] {Filename?} Suggest changes in kepler startup script

Lisong Sun lisong.sun at pnl.gov
Mon Apr 23 13:09:29 PDT 2007

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Dear kepler developers,

We found that the current kepler startup script has the following 
problems that got in our way when using it:
1. Used relative path which makes it necessary to start kepler from its 
root directory. It won't simply work if kepler directory is set in $PATH.
2. Won't take existing workflow file as input in command line. Always 
need to open the file from menu after kepler is started.

Attached our modified version of the startup script for both unix shell 
version and windows batch file that can fix those problems.
I'm not sure if those two scripts were actually generated by ant or not. 
If so, it may require a little more work.
Please consider merge the changes into your release so that we won't 
have to apply patch after each updates.

Lisong Sun
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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