[kepler-dev] Ptolemy 6 problems on the Mac

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Nov 19 21:49:31 PST 2006

Hi Dan,

I updated diva/canvas/event/MouseFilter:

    /** The modifier mask.  The Macintosh requires META_MASK for selecting
     *  relations and right clicking.
    private int _modifierMask = InputEvent.SHIFT_MASK | InputEvent.CTRL_MASK
          | InputEvent.META_MASK;

However, a comment further down says:
    // Do not or these masks in, they will conflict with right mousing
    // on transitions in modal models
    //| InputEvent.ALT_MASK
    //| InputEvent.ALT_GRAPH_MASK
    //| InputEvent.META_MASK;
However, even with the change, right clicking on transitions in Modal
Models seems to work.

I updated lib/diva.jar as well.
Can you try this out on the Mac?

The details of the PtII 5.0.1 source download and the Webstart version
are a bit mysterious and probably lost in the sands of time.
It seems like they are out of sink in some way.  However, they
both have roughly the same time stamps.  The way I produce releases
is somewhat complex because we have 
 - Windows line ending .zip
 - Unix line ending .tar.gz
 - Webstart 
 - Applets
 - Windows installer

With Webstart, the jar files are from Windows, (because that is where
I have all the packages (x10, java3D etc.) installed), but the
regular text files are from Unix (building under Unix is much faster
for me, and the webserver is a Unix box).  Also, the Webstart
version was probably built with Java 1.4 (though I'm not sure). 

So, I suspect I probably blew it somewhere in the release process
and the src and Webstart are not perfectly in sync.  



    Hi Christopher,
        I has previously mentioned problems with making connections from 
    relations on the Mac. The problem persists in Ptolemy 6. If one tries to 
    draw a connection from a relation (or a port icon within a Composite) by 
    using <Command> drag on the Mac, the icon just moves. [While <Control> 
    drag on a PC works just fine.) There is also a problem in that 
    transitions cannot be created for FSM models in PT 6.
        When checking, I discovered that Command drag works just fine on the 
    Mac if I run the WebStart version of PT5.01 from the PtolemyII web site. 
    However, if I download the source code for PT 5.01 and compile it, then 
    the Command drag does NOT work on the Mac! Is there some difference 
    between the Webstart version and the source code version?
        I can apparently correct the problem on the Mac by changing the Diva 
    code for ptII/diva/canvas/event/MouseFilter to add the 
    InputEvent.META_MASK to the _modifieMask variable.

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