[kepler-dev] Ptolemy 6 problems on the Mac

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 20 08:53:48 PST 2006

Hi Christopher,
    The changes you made seem to make things work just fine on the Mac. 
I had seen the comment you quoted and despite that comment, I could see 
no problems in Modal model transitions either!



Christopher Brooks wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> I updated diva/canvas/event/MouseFilter:
>     /** The modifier mask.  The Macintosh requires META_MASK for selecting
>      *  relations and right clicking.
>      */
>     private int _modifierMask = InputEvent.SHIFT_MASK | InputEvent.CTRL_MASK
>           | InputEvent.META_MASK;
> However, a comment further down says:
>     // Do not or these masks in, they will conflict with right mousing
>     // on transitions in modal models
>     //| InputEvent.ALT_MASK
>     //| InputEvent.ALT_GRAPH_MASK
>     //| InputEvent.META_MASK;
> However, even with the change, right clicking on transitions in Modal
> Models seems to work.
> I updated lib/diva.jar as well.
> Can you try this out on the Mac?
> The details of the PtII 5.0.1 source download and the Webstart version
> are a bit mysterious and probably lost in the sands of time.
> It seems like they are out of sink in some way.  However, they
> both have roughly the same time stamps.  The way I produce releases
> is somewhat complex because we have 
>  - Windows line ending .zip
>  - Unix line ending .tar.gz
>  - Webstart 
>  - Applets
>  - Windows installer
> With Webstart, the jar files are from Windows, (because that is where
> I have all the packages (x10, java3D etc.) installed), but the
> regular text files are from Unix (building under Unix is much faster
> for me, and the webserver is a Unix box).  Also, the Webstart
> version was probably built with Java 1.4 (though I'm not sure). 
> So, I suspect I probably blew it somewhere in the release process
> and the src and Webstart are not perfectly in sync.  
> _Christopher
> --------
>     Hi Christopher,
>         I has previously mentioned problems with making connections from 
>     relations on the Mac. The problem persists in Ptolemy 6. If one tries to 
>     draw a connection from a relation (or a port icon within a Composite) by 
>     using <Command> drag on the Mac, the icon just moves. [While <Control> 
>     drag on a PC works just fine.) There is also a problem in that 
>     transitions cannot be created for FSM models in PT 6.
>         When checking, I discovered that Command drag works just fine on the 
>     Mac if I run the WebStart version of PT5.01 from the PtolemyII web site. 
>     However, if I download the source code for PT 5.01 and compile it, then 
>     the Command drag does NOT work on the Mac! Is there some difference 
>     between the Webstart version and the source code version?
>         I can apparently correct the problem on the Mac by changing the Diva 
>     code for ptII/diva/canvas/event/MouseFilter to add the 
>     InputEvent.META_MASK to the _modifieMask variable.
>     Dan
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