[kepler-dev] java cog jar files duplication .....

Ilkay Altintas altintas at sdsc.edu
Thu Jun 22 00:43:24 PDT 2006

On Jun 22, 2006, at 12:33 AM, jagan wrote:

> Hi Ilkay,
> I am getting some duplicated jar files with the latest version of  
> java cog toolkit cog-4_1_4.
> As you know, cog supports number of different versions of globus  
> toolkits. They are loading some java classes
> based on the relative path of  the other jar files (those jars are  
> not in the classpath).  That means


Was this not happening before? What initiated the problem?

> I have to maintain their directory structure as tease  at least for  
> some  jar files.

I couldn't understand this. Could you explain it further?

> I am  using their services  by calling an external process from the  
> kepler actor.
> I can create a completely seperate classpath based on cog jar files.
> That means I don't need pollute Kepler classpath from the cog  
> classpath.

You mean you won't include them in the classpath? Maybe you create a  
new configuration for your project?

> Already I am storing cog's jar files in $KEPLER/cog directory by  
> using third party jars from kepler classpath.
> With the latest version I need to maintain relative path as I  
> mention before which ends up with some duplication in jar files of  
> Kepler's cvs repository.

I don't think relative paths is a good idea. I think it is better to  
go with a separate configuration file. That is if I understood you  


> Could you mind to give some advise please?
> with regards,
> Jagan Kommineni

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