[kepler-dev] Non-Compiling Code in the Kepler Tree

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Tue Jan 31 18:03:18 PST 2006

Matthew Brooke wrote:
> > Can you enumerate some of the problem files?
> src/org/kepler/scia/UDF_split.java (package has been commented out)
> src/org/kepler/objectmanager/cache/DataCacheViewer.java

Well, this is one that I broke.  With the DataCache rewrite it became 
very much broken.  I had thought about putting it in the Attic but since 
there was quite a bit of love in there, it just didn't seem right.  This 
one will be a long term break because it will be a significant piece of 
work to resurrect it.  What should we do with it?  I think we'd be best 
served by renaming it with a non .java extension so it won't be built.
> src/doc/doclets/ActorClassWriter.java (fails only under JDK1.5)
> (and the JUnit tests you know about)
Now I do...  Even though I probably broke them on Friday :)
> Something I didn't clarify in my email is that I'm really referring to 
> "long-term" breaks - which is what the 3 non-test classes above are. 
> We all manage to break the build occasionally, which is no big deal 
> because it's usually fixed quickly, once pointed out (eg your JUnit 
> probs).
> cheers
> m

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