[kepler-dev] New Kepler Menus

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Jan 29 15:31:44 PST 2006

Actually, I think most people building block diagrams would
interpret "feedback" to refer to directed cycles in the graph...
That would be my interpretation...


At 03:06 PM 1/29/2006 -0800, Dan Higgins wrote:
>     In the new menus, this item has apparently been replaced by the menu
>item 'Run with Feedback' under the 'Tools' menu. The problem is that
>there is no 'Stop Feedback' menu item. So once the user starts showing
>which icon is firing, there is no way to turn off the effect with the
>new menus!  Rather that having a seperate 'Stop' menu, perhaps the menu
>should toggle from 'Run with Feedback' to 'Stop Feedback' and back?
>     Incidently. in my opinion, the original menu text of 'Animate
>Execution' seems more descriptive than 'Run with Feedback'. Feedback
>seems like a term that can have many meanings and is not very helpful to
>a new Kepler user.. 'Feedback' could just be some text summary at the
>end of workflow execution.

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