[kepler-dev] New Kepler Menus

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Sun Jan 29 15:06:47 PST 2006

Hi Matthew (and Laura)

    In using the new Kepler menu system, I can across a problem. In the 
old menus (aka Ptolemy menu) there is a menu item named 'Animate 
Execution' under the 'Debug' menu. Immediately below the 'Animate 
Execution' is a 'Stop Animating' meny item.

    'Animate Execution' shows when actors are executing when a workflow 
runs by 'hilighting' the actor for a use-set period of time (for some 
Directors). 'Stop Animating' turns off the animation

    In the new menus, this item has apparently been replaced by the menu 
item 'Run with Feedback' under the 'Tools' menu. The problem is that 
there is no 'Stop Feedback' menu item. So once the user starts showing 
which icon is firing, there is no way to turn off the effect with the 
new menus!  Rather that having a seperate 'Stop' menu, perhaps the menu 
should toggle from 'Run with Feedback' to 'Stop Feedback' and back?

    Incidently. in my opinion, the original menu text of 'Animate 
Execution' seems more descriptive than 'Run with Feedback'. Feedback 
seems like a term that can have many meanings and is not very helpful to 
a new Kepler user.. 'Feedback' could just be some text summary at the 
end of workflow execution.


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