[kepler-dev] ptolemy and kepler in eclipse

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Tue Jan 24 17:36:34 PST 2006


If you just want a quick look to see what kepler can do currently, I 
suggest you grab the Alpha8 release binary and run that.  But if you 
really want to dig through with Eclipse, then I have some suggestions.

The error with DataCacheViewer is only in the CVS copy.  The backend of 
DataCacheViewer has had a major api change and in the build.xml files, 
DataCacheViewer.java is excluded from the build.  Similarly there is 
some code in the scia tree which does not build and is also excluded.

There are some (dated) instructions here 
which might get you further along.

Also attached are .project and .classpath files which work for me.  I 
don't think you should just copy them into your workspace but rather 
examine them to see what settings might be useful.  In particular look 
carefully at the classpath since it is a little touchy.

Good luck.


Tristan King wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> To start i'll give a quick intro of myself: I'm from James Cook
> University, Australia working on a project called DART
> (http://dart.edu.au). I'm exploring the posibilities of using kepler to
> preform pre-storage data processing.
> Now to my problem :D
> I'm trying to set up eclipse with kepler and running into a few
> problems. Most of them seem to be ptolomy errors, and i've figured out a
> few workarounds for some problems, but i think my workarounds have led
> me to a dead end :).
> Here is a link to my blog where i've been keeping a history of my
> problems and workarounds:
> http://plone.jcu.edu.au/dart/Members/Tristan%
> 20King/tristansblogs/archive/2006/01/24/kepler-and-eclipse
> If someone can have a look at these problems and suggest some more
> elegant solutions i'd be very greatful :D
> as an extra note: i have no problems getting things compiled and running
> using command line ant, but i'd prefer to be able to take advantage of
> eclipse's source browsing features.
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