[kepler-dev] ptolemy and kepler in eclipse

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Fri Jan 27 20:06:59 PST 2006

Hi Tristan,
Thanks for the bug report, see my comments below:

> Errors and workarounds for Setting up Ptolemy II:
>    1. Project ptII is missing required library:
>       'ptolemy/domains/ptinyos/lib/nesc-dump.jar'
>           * Properties for ptII -> Java Build Path -> Source -> ptII
>       -> Excluded -> Edit:
>           * Exclusion patterns -> Add: ptolemy/domains/ptinyos/
>           * Properties for ptII -> Java Build Path -> Libraries:
>           * Remove nesc-dump.jar

Fixed.  The problem here is that the developer who is working with
Ptinyos does not use Eclipse, so the configure script was updated
but not the Eclipse ptII/.classpath.default

What we really need is a way to run the nightly build using Eclipse
in an automated fashion.  I'm sure this can be done, I just
have not looked in to it.

>    2. ThalesGraphFrame.java:107: The method _createGraphPane(NamedObj)
>       in the type ActorGraphFrame is not applicable for the arguments
>       ()
>           * Properties for ptII -> Java Build Path -> Source -> ptII
>       -> Excluded -> Edit:
>           * Exclusion patterns -> Add: jni/ThalesGraphFrame.java

This is fixed as well.  The jni directory is somewhat obsolete
and should probably go away.  One of the primary ptolemy developers
made some changes to Vergil and probably had the jni directory
excluded.  I fixed the code.
jni remains in ptII/.classpath.default

The error was reported by the regular makefile based nightly
build, it just took me a couple of days to get around to fix it.

> The ptII project now builds without errors.

Thanks for the feedback, let us know if you have other problems.


    Hi everyone,
    To start i'll give a quick intro of myself: I'm from James Cook
    University, Australia working on a project called DART
    (http://dart.edu.au). I'm exploring the posibilities of using kepler to
    preform pre-storage data processing.
    Now to my problem :D
    I'm trying to set up eclipse with kepler and running into a few
    problems. Most of them seem to be ptolomy errors, and i've figured out a
    few workarounds for some problems, but i think my workarounds have led
    me to a dead end :).
    Here is a link to my blog where i've been keeping a history of my
    problems and workarounds:
    If someone can have a look at these problems and suggest some more
    elegant solutions i'd be very greatful :D
    as an extra note: i have no problems getting things compiled and running
    using command line ant, but i'd prefer to be able to take advantage of
    eclipse's source browsing features.
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