[kepler-dev] Additional cleanup of icons for impending release.

Matthew Brooke brooke at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Feb 15 10:30:30 PST 2006

 > If you want I can even have it fake the svgs into this jar
 > from kepler-docs and place them in the appropriate place in the jar.

That would be great, provided the build can be made *not* to fail if 
someone does not have the kepler-docs directory checked out in the right 
place (since the icons aren't yet enabled, and they will soon be moved).

Let's group the SVGs in an svg subdiretcory:


and keep the actor thumbs path as-is:


If you want to test, you can change the following line in 


to read:


...and it should all work seamlessly (*ahem*...)



Kevin Ruland wrote:
> Matthew,
> I'll change the build.xml so the icons are in a seperate jar file.  This 
> will impact some other things like...  ptexecute or some such.  Can do 
> that too.  If you want I can even have it fake the svgs into this jar 
> from kepler-docs and place them in the appropriate place in the jar.  
> That way, you can go ahead and change the paths in the properties file 
> now, and not have to wait for the icons to be moved about.
> Kevin
> Matthew Brooke wrote:
>> Kevin -
>> The relative path to the SVG files is a temporary measure only. The 
>> icon files have not yet been added to the kepler cvs module, since 
>> they are not enabled by default, which, in turn, is because there is 
>> an outstanding bug to reduce the SVG file sizes first ("outstanding", 
>> as in "unfinished", not as in "wonderful"...).
>> When the SVG files are reduced in size (currently ~130 files @ ~500kB 
>> each), they can be added to the kepler tree, and their base path can 
>> be changed by simply editing a setting in uiSettings.properties.
>> The thumbnail icons are already added to the kepler-configs jar by the 
>> build, which is why they already have a classpath-relative locator 
>> (/actorthumbs/*-sm.gif) which is of the form you are suggesting.
>> I do like your suggestion of having a dedicated icons jar - this would 
>> enable users to swap out the entire icon set if they need to do so 
>> (and if they have other icon sets available, of course...). I don't 
>> know the build well enough to know what else is currently in the 
>> kepler-configs.jar - maybe this is already a similar beast?
>> Tim had volunteered to do the SVG file-size reduction, but he will be 
>> unable to do it before 24th Feb. If anyone else has some free time to 
>> do this before then, and some XSLT or Perl skills to show off, have at 
>> it :-)
>> m
>> Kevin Ruland wrote:
>>> I noticed that the _svgIcon attribute is assigned some relative 
>>> filename like:
>>> ../kepler-docs/dev/usability/graphics/svg/basic-actor.svg
>>> and the _thumbnailRasterIcon an absolute filename like:
>>> /actorthumbs/basic-actor-sm.gif
>>> I suspect these are both loaded use the class loader via 
>>> getResourceAsStream() or something, but it makes sense to me that we 
>>> distribute all these resources consistantly.  We should make a single 
>>> jar ( kepler-icons.jar ?) which contains all of them and use some 
>>> consistant naming like:
>>> /thumbs/basic-actor-sm.gif
>>> /svg/basic-actor.svg
>>> Or even:
>>> /basic-actor-sm.gif
>>> /basic-actor.svg
>>> If the names won't clash without the directory name.  I suspect the 
>>> names do not clash.
>>> This has one additional benefit that to change all the icons, you 
>>> just need to drop in a different jar.
>>> Kevin
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