[kepler-dev] HTML WelcomeScreen ?

Nandita Mangal nmangal at sdsc.edu
Wed Feb 15 11:01:09 PST 2006

Should we modify the intro.html to look like the welcome screen
designed by Laura instead and use welcomeWindow again?

Following discussion:

Hi Nandita,
is where the VergilWelcome window is coming up.

You could try editing that file, though it might require modifying
the configuration and VergilApplication so that it will skip it
if there is a parameter in the kepler configuration that says
"no vergil welcome window".  However, this is kind of gross.

The right solution is to combine your class and my class in
ptolemy.actor.gui so that we can use WelcomeWindow and the Tableau.

I think we can make the html in 
kepler/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler/intro.htm look like Laura's

What do you say?

What are the reasons not to use WelcomeWindow? I'm willing to debate
this  :-) 


    HI Christopher,
    I just saw your email. I checked in a WelcomeScreen which is designed as 
    per Laura's layout at
    I used KeplerApplication, just like Kevin's splash screen to start the 
    welcome screen as well.
    Both screens start up....however I had a question regarding the removal 
    of WelcomeWindow.xml
    as VergilApplication is expecting it (and removal of the above file from 
    configs simply throws excpetions)...
    So basically right now, both old(html) as well as new screen pop up...
    Christopher Brooks wrote:
    >Hi Nandita,
    >Why don't you take a look at
    >and start with that.
    >- It is based on HTMLWindow, so the links work with out the
    >BrowserLauncher in your WelcomeScreen, which is duplicate code.
    >- WelcomeWindowTableau works with WelcomeWindow because WelcomeWindow has 
    >nullary constructor.  We want to work with WelcomeWindowTableau so
    >that we can manage the Window using Ptolemy's Tableau/Effigy
    >interface, which helps us determine when we can exit etc.
    >I think all that WelcomeWindow needs is the startup checkbox and the
    >close button, along with code that saves the startup preference.
    >Just some thoughts.

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