[kepler-dev] Additional cleanup of icons for impending release.

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Wed Feb 15 10:04:50 PST 2006


I'll change the build.xml so the icons are in a seperate jar file.  This 
will impact some other things like...  ptexecute or some such.  Can do 
that too.  If you want I can even have it fake the svgs into this jar 
from kepler-docs and place them in the appropriate place in the jar.  
That way, you can go ahead and change the paths in the properties file 
now, and not have to wait for the icons to be moved about.


Matthew Brooke wrote:
> Kevin -
> The relative path to the SVG files is a temporary measure only. The 
> icon files have not yet been added to the kepler cvs module, since 
> they are not enabled by default, which, in turn, is because there is 
> an outstanding bug to reduce the SVG file sizes first ("outstanding", 
> as in "unfinished", not as in "wonderful"...).
> When the SVG files are reduced in size (currently ~130 files @ ~500kB 
> each), they can be added to the kepler tree, and their base path can 
> be changed by simply editing a setting in uiSettings.properties.
> The thumbnail icons are already added to the kepler-configs jar by the 
> build, which is why they already have a classpath-relative locator 
> (/actorthumbs/*-sm.gif) which is of the form you are suggesting.
> I do like your suggestion of having a dedicated icons jar - this would 
> enable users to swap out the entire icon set if they need to do so 
> (and if they have other icon sets available, of course...). I don't 
> know the build well enough to know what else is currently in the 
> kepler-configs.jar - maybe this is already a similar beast?
> Tim had volunteered to do the SVG file-size reduction, but he will be 
> unable to do it before 24th Feb. If anyone else has some free time to 
> do this before then, and some XSLT or Perl skills to show off, have at 
> it :-)
> m
> Kevin Ruland wrote:
>> I noticed that the _svgIcon attribute is assigned some relative 
>> filename like:
>> ../kepler-docs/dev/usability/graphics/svg/basic-actor.svg
>> and the _thumbnailRasterIcon an absolute filename like:
>> /actorthumbs/basic-actor-sm.gif
>> I suspect these are both loaded use the class loader via 
>> getResourceAsStream() or something, but it makes sense to me that we 
>> distribute all these resources consistantly.  We should make a single 
>> jar ( kepler-icons.jar ?) which contains all of them and use some 
>> consistant naming like:
>> /thumbs/basic-actor-sm.gif
>> /svg/basic-actor.svg
>> Or even:
>> /basic-actor-sm.gif
>> /basic-actor.svg
>> If the names won't clash without the directory name.  I suspect the 
>> names do not clash.
>> This has one additional benefit that to change all the icons, you 
>> just need to drop in a different jar.
>> Kevin
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