[kepler-dev] Datasource changes

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Fri Feb 3 14:25:46 PST 2006

Kevin Ruland wrote:
> Dan Higgins wrote:
>> Kevin,
>>    Nice job on changing the EML2DataSource to use initialize to wait 
>> for data to be loaded. Now, if I click on 'Run' before data is 
>> finished loading, the workflows will just wait (inside 'initialize') 
>> until data is ready, rather than throwing an error. (at least the ones 
>> I looked at did when run from within Vergil).
> thanks.  I guess from the paragraph below that it almost works.  BTW - I 
> have committed essentially this code.  But now the line numbers have 
> changed.  I'll run ptexecute and see what I get.
Well I found it.  The problem is there is no wait for the metadata to 
finish loading.  I knew this *could* be a potential problem, but didn't 
really expect it to happen.  Alas, with threads, you just never know.  
I'll either fix it today, or by Monday.

Also, I fixed the DarwinCoreDataSource code too.  I'll try those.


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