[kepler-dev] Datasource changes

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Fri Feb 3 14:10:03 PST 2006

Dan Higgins wrote:
> Kevin,
>    Nice job on changing the EML2DataSource to use initialize to wait 
> for data to be loaded. Now, if I click on 'Run' before data is 
> finished loading, the workflows will just wait (inside 'initialize') 
> until data is ready, rather than throwing an error. (at least the ones 
> I looked at did when run from within Vergil).
thanks.  I guess from the paragraph below that it almost works.  BTW - I 
have committed essentially this code.  But now the line numbers have 
changed.  I'll run ptexecute and see what I get.
>    However, I decided to test execution using the ptexecute macro. 
> [You can use the ant target(s) 'ptexecute' or 'ptexecute-dev', or 
> generate a batch file with 'build_ptexecute'.] ptexecute will run the 
> workflow 'workflows/eco/IPCC_Base_Layers.xml' OK if the data is in the 
> cache; however, if the data is NOT in the cache (i.e. needs to be 
> downloaded), I get a null pointer exception
> Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
>        at 
> org.ecoinformatics.seek.datasource.eml.eml2.Eml200DataSource.initiali
> ze(Eml200DataSource.java:355)
>    Another problem is that I cannot run multiple 'ptexecute' process 
> simultaneously nor can I run kelper while a long ptexecute process is 
> running. I suspect this is the same problem we saw before with 
> multiple Kepler processes, but I am somewhat surprized that it occurs 
> with ptexecute (This is with workflows that have datasources).

This is exactly the same problem as trying to run two kepler instances 
simultaneously.  Maybe we need to have an "execute" method which simply 
messages a running kepler instance to load and execute another 
workflow?  this would be the same as using "file->open" twice to get two 
different workflows running.


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