[kepler-dev] Loading documentation

Nandita Mangal nmangal at sdsc.edu
Thu Apr 13 12:01:38 PDT 2006

Hi Dan,
The docsInfo.txt  is used when reading the documentation from the canvas 
via 'GetDocumentation', as a backup test  , in the case that KEPLER_DOCS 
env. variable retrieved nothing ....It was just a backup way of checking 
the path is set to which location for testing purposes and isn't really 
used otherwise.

I can definitely do away with using it, if its causing troubles in 
building installers.

Here is the code using it from "getdocumentation"

 //Javadocs located under a new location in Kepler
 String keplerDocsHome = System.getProperty("KEPLER_DOCS");
 if(keplerDocsHome == null)
            //try other way to access environment variable value.
            BufferedReader inDocsInfo= new BufferedReader(new 


Dan Higgins wrote:

> Hi Nandita,
>    I was trying to understand why I needed to regenerate the 
> documentation every time I checkout a new version of Kepler. I haven't 
> looked at your code but it appears that 'ant generateDoc' creates a 
> file called 'docsInfo.txt ' in the $kepler/doc/ directory and that 
> that file contains the path to the directory that contains the 
> documentation xml files. It appears that Kepler actually reads the 
> file to find the documentation. Is that correct?
>    If so, I would like to suggest a change. We use an environment 
> variable KEPLER_DOCS to create the baseline documentation. Why don't 
> we continue to use it inside Kepler for opening a documentation 
> window? [The problem with using a file is that it is only correct for 
> the machine where the docs were generated and this creates 
> difficulties when we build installers or someone moves Kepler or the 
> kepler-docs directory]. If the code used the KEPLER_DOCS env variable, 
> I can set that on the command line that starts Kepler. Otherwise I 
> need to rewrite the file in installers and, in any case, we need to 
> make the path relative rather than absolute so that the user can put 
> Kepler anywhere they wish.
> Dan

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