[kepler-dev] Reg. problem running kepler

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Apr 12 09:26:46 PDT 2006

Hi Sivagowri,

I updated the Kepler/Eclipse install instructions, see

You should use org.kepler.gui.KeplerApplication instead of

I apologize for any confusion here.

Also, I selected ptII as a subproject instead of using ptolemy.jar 
and ptolemy-doc.jar. 

I can reproduce the ClustalW error in a tree when working from
within the Cygwin bash shell

I checked out a clean ptII and kepler tree and did
  ant ptolemy buildkarlib run-dev
and got

>     [echo] Generating kar file: ClustalW
>C:\tmp\cxh\kepler\build.xml:806: The following error occurred while executing th
>is line:
>C:\tmp\cxh\kepler\build.xml:826: Manifest file: C:\tmp\cxh\kepler\src\actors\ClustalW\MANIFEST.MF does not exist.
>Total time: 55 seconds

Dan's excellent suggestion of running cvs update -P -d fixes this for
me.  I did not see this error in when running from Eclipse though,
I only saw it when building from the shell.

Dan writes:
>    The problem with the missing manifest files was probably due to 
> checking out kepler without the -P switch. This option in CVS removes 
> empty directories. [CVS never removes directories, so you have to 
> 'prune' empty ones.] This may well be a problem even beyond building KAR 
> files. So I suggest you checkout kepler again using the -P switch.

Matthew writes:

    Hi Siva -
    Don't want to step on Christopher's toes, but I know he's busy, and I 
    don't think this is a Ptolemy problem, so here goes...
    I don't use Eclipse, but have seen similar problems with JBuilder. The 
    error message about "could not parse the argument '-kepler'" is 
    typically misleading, since the real cause is often something entirely 
    different, and you have to look further down the stacktrace for the real 
    problem. In your case, I see this:
      "...Caused by:
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.kepler.gui.LibraryPaneFactory..."
    - so I'd check that org.kepler.gui.LibraryPaneFactory is indeed present 
    in your source directory, and has been compiled successfully to your 
    build directory, and that the build destination is on Eclipse's classpath.
    (Since you had some manifest files missing, it sounds like you may have 
    an incomplete checkout of the kepler tree, so it would be worth 
    checking, if you didn't already)
    Other problems like this have been caused for me by:
    1)  not having the configuration files in the IDE classpath, too. My 
    current classpath additions for config files and other resources are as 
    Try adding those in Eclipse if you didn't already
    2) by the (yourHomeDirectory)/.kepler directory being corrupt/out of 
    date/otherwise wrong. To fix this, you can delete the 
    (yourHomeDirectory)/.kepler directory, the kepler/build directory, and 
    also the kepler/kar directory, and then do an "ant buildkarlib run-dev"
    Good luck!
    Matthew Brooke, Ph.D.
    Marine Sciences Research Building, Room #3407
    University of California
    Santa Barbara, CA  93106-6150
    ph: (805) 893-7108   fx: 805-893-8062
    brooke at nceas.ucsb.edu
    Sivagowri Swaminathan wrote:
    > Hi Christopher
    > As per my last email, I had problems running the ant for building kar fil
   es. some actors did not have manifest.mf files in their respective folders. 
   So I deleted those actor folders in kepler directory and the ant build was s
    > Now my problem is running the kepler from eclipse. As given in the docume
   ntation, 'using eclipse to build kepler', I gve arguments as -kepler and vm 
   arguments as -Dkepler and -DPTII etc and chose PTII's vergilApplication as m
   ain class. But when I run, it produced some errors saying , it could not par
   se the argument '-kepler'. In fact, the error happens for any argument and n
   o argument cases.
    > I am unable to debug through it, as PTII is a seperate project and is not
    inside the kepler workspace.
    > can you please suggest some workaround?
    > I have herewith enclosed the error's stack trace for your kind perusal.
    > How do I get kepler running?
    > Thanx
    > Siva
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