[kepler-dev] Reg. problem running kepler

Sivagowri Swaminathan sivagowri at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 12 05:43:58 PDT 2006

Hi Christopher

As per my last email, I had problems running the ant for building kar files. some actors did not have manifest.mf files in their respective folders. So I deleted those actor folders in kepler directory and the ant build was succesful.

Now my problem is running the kepler from eclipse. As given in the documentation, 'using eclipse to build kepler', I gve arguments as -kepler and vm arguments as -Dkepler and -DPTII etc and chose PTII's vergilApplication as main class. But when I run, it produced some errors saying , it could not parse the argument '-kepler'. In fact, the error happens for any argument and no argument cases.

I am unable to debug through it, as PTII is a seperate project and is not inside the kepler workspace.
can you please suggest some workaround?

I have herewith enclosed the error's stack trace for your kind perusal.
How do I get kepler running?

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