[kepler-dev] Thank you for your interests in SCIA and building kepler

"Jenny" Guilian Wang guilian at cs.ucsd.edu
Fri Oct 28 16:12:37 PDT 2005

Dear all,
 I appreciate all of you for intrerests in SCIA and working hard on building
such a great system for scientists! My proposal to a graduate fellowship 5
years ago was targeting at the ambitious goal of supporting convenient
integration of data and analytical tools for Environmental researchers. It
is very exciting for me to see many people are working together toward it!
 If you update kepler recently, under your kepler directory, you can find
 To start SCIA itself, you can simply do:

 ant –buildfile build-scia.xml compile-run (or just "run" if you have kepler
or scia compiled already).

 We have been working on documentation and user guide, but it is still far
from a real guide yet. I have checked in scia-demo-guide.doc that I wrote
for Raja as reference for demonstrating SCIA. You can find it in
kepler\docs\dev\scia\. Hope it is also helpful to you to see how SCIA works
from those use cases. Please give us your comments on the GUI, the way it
works, bugs (very many still :( ), etc. Suggestions for improvement and
further integration, and also critiques are all more than welcome!!!
 Wish you all a safe trip back home and a nice weekend,
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