[kepler-dev] _svgIcon and _thumbnailRasterIcon parameters

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Nov 30 14:17:18 PST 2005

    Forget my comment about breaking my workflows. That mistake was mine!

Dan Higgins wrote:

>    I assume you are the one who added the _svgIcon and 
>_thumbnailRasterIcon parameters to all the actors. [If you 'Edit 
>parameters' these now show up in the dialog.] You seem to have set the 
>defaults to values like
>This assumes that the kepler-docs dir is always at the same level as 
>kepler (and that it exists!). But I can open a workflow anywhere and 
>that workflow becomes the current working directory. So this relative 
>path will not work in many cases! [In fact, it breaks several workflows 
>I am trying to run.]
>I would just as soon not see these parameters appear in every Edit 
>parameters dialog. What about making them only appear in the 'expert' 
>mode, rather than the standard mode (in addition to fixing this relative 
>path problem.)

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