[kepler-dev] _svgIcon and _thumbnailRasterIcon parameters

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Nov 30 14:07:29 PST 2005

    I assume you are the one who added the _svgIcon and 
_thumbnailRasterIcon parameters to all the actors. [If you 'Edit 
parameters' these now show up in the dialog.] You seem to have set the 
defaults to values like


This assumes that the kepler-docs dir is always at the same level as 
kepler (and that it exists!). But I can open a workflow anywhere and 
that workflow becomes the current working directory. So this relative 
path will not work in many cases! [In fact, it breaks several workflows 
I am trying to run.]

I would just as soon not see these parameters appear in every Edit 
parameters dialog. What about making them only appear in the 'expert' 
mode, rather than the standard mode (in addition to fixing this relative 
path problem.)

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