[kepler-dev] Q: What's proper functionality in Digir Quick Search aggregation.

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Tue Nov 22 09:18:39 PST 2005


If you drag the "mephitis" folder over to the canvas, it will contain
all the records from the LIKE match.  In the current (limited)
incarnation of the Digir Ecogrid Query this will give you 601 records. 
They will include Scientific names "mephtitis" as well as "mephitis
macroura" and all the others as well.

Of course this is wrong - as I'm told - but it is the way it works now.

Since I have your attention, and you're the closest thing to a user that
I have available, When I get the "Get Metadata" context menu working for
those little Digir folders, would you like to see all the records
provided in an html table?  or just some higher level information like: 
number of records, search criteria, columns, etc.


Dan Higgins wrote:

> Interesting! And not what I expected! (I had expected an EQUAL match.)
> So, does that mean that the 'mephitis' search already includes all the
> subspecies?
> Dan
> Matt Jones wrote:
>>That's wrong.  It should only return those that equal Mephitis macroura. 
>>   Also, it would be much better if the second query were only a local 
>>subsetting of the results that have already been returned, rather than 
>>requerying the DiGIR providers.
>>As Rob Gales and Aimee Stewart finish up work on the Taxonomic Object 
>>Server and the associated Kepler actors to access it, we can expect the 
>>way in which these DiGIR queries are conducted to change significantly. 
>>  You might want to talk this over with Rob -- I'd like to get his 
>>actors incorporated as soon as is feasible so that we can deal with the 
>>name/concept mismatch more effectively.
>>Kevin Ruland wrote:
>>>When I do a Quick Search from the Ecogrid Digir service for the term
>>>'mephitis', the quick search where clause is "Scientific name LIKE
>>>mephitis".  The results are aggregated by Scientific Name and there are
>>>different little folders for each Scientific Name.  The first few on my
>>>screen are:
>>>mephitis macroura
>>>mephitis macroura macroura
>>>mephitis macroura milleri
>>>Now, if I drag, say "mephitis macroura" onto the canvas,  a dataset is
>>>created.  The way it works now is it requeries using the where clause
>>>"Scientific Name LIKE mephitis macroura".  This means that the resulting
>>>dataset includes all the results which match the following:  "mephitis
>>>macroura", "mephitis macroura macroura", and "mephitis macroura milleri". 
>>>Is this what is expceted?  Or does the user expect the folder to contain
>>>only those records which EQUAL "mephitis macroura"?
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