[kepler-dev] kepler nightly builds

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Mar 3 08:41:13 PST 2005


Kepler is now building nightly.  This includes a CVS checkout of both 
kepler and PTII, compilation and building of both and running of JUnit 
tests.  Certain workflows are also run nightly.  You can subscribe to 
the email generated from the nightly builds here:

If you would like to add a workflow to the testing, add it to the file 
kepler/lib/test-workflows.lst and check it back into CVS.

You can also view the logged results of the nightly build here:
or if you just want to see today's results, go here:

Let me know if you have any problems with the system or if you have any 


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