[kepler-dev] stack overflow problem in some kepler workflows

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 21 13:36:12 PDT 2005

Hi Dan,

Well, I was poking around near the Custom Icon code in the parser.

The change I made involved the fact that loading an actor that has a
corresponding *Icon.xml file resulted in problems with the backward
compatibility filters.  The problem was that the modified flag was
being reset while loading the icon.  Thus, if the backward
compatibility filters marked a model as modified, then loading a
custom icon reset the modified flag.

I don't think this change would cause stack issues though.

BTW - I have some misgivings about how the moml parser seems to be
looking for custom icons each time it processes an actor.  I'm not
totally sure if this is the case or not, but it seems like we
should profile this code and consider using a cache to maintain 
a list of icons.  Or, perhaps each actor should have an attribute
if it has a custom icon?  I dunno, I'd have to look in to this more.

I guess I would try checking out a Ptolemy tree from before the
relations group change on 6/21 and see if the bug persists.



    Hi Efrat,
        The stack overflow error that we get with the current head of CVS on 
    your gravityToShp workflow has been obsessing me the last few days - why 
    does it work with your saved version of Kepler and not with the head of CVS
        It turns out that the problem occurs when you try to open the 
    workflow - i.e. when the workflow moml is being read. I finally traced 
    the problem not to any actor code but to the nice icons you added for 
    the XSLT actor and the Browser Display actor! (Those icons do not appear 
    if those actors are simply dragged to the screen, so I assume you used 
    the 'Edit Custom Icon' command.) If you go into the moml and remove the 
    properties that attach the custom icons, then the workflow will open 
    with the newest CVS version of Kepler!!!  [The registrationModel 
    workflow had a similar problem that is fixed by removing the custom icons.]
        Now, I don't know why the custom icons cause this problem (perhaps 
    some changes in the moml parsing?), but at least we know better where to 
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