[kepler-dev] Sleep actor sleeping more than it needs to

xiaowen xin2 at llnl.gov
Tue Oct 19 18:21:29 PDT 2004

Hi All,

In my testing, it appears that the Sleep actor 
(ptolemy.actor.lib.Sleep) sleeps more than it needs to.  Attached is a 
workflow that demonstrates what I mean.  The Sleep actor in this 
workflow never receives a token, and yet, the workflow still appears to 
pause for the specified number of seconds.  Ideally, since the fire() 
method should not be called on this actor, the workflow should finish 

Is there a workaround for this?  Or am I misunderstanding something 
about how the director or this actor works?

I'm running Ptolemy 4.0.1 on Linux.


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