[kepler-dev] Re: Sleep actor sleeping more than it needs to

xiaowen xin2 at llnl.gov
Tue Oct 19 18:28:16 PDT 2004

Oops, I forgot to attach the actual workflow :o

It's now attached to this email.  Sorry about that.


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On Oct 19, 2004, at 6:21 PM, xiaowen wrote:

> Hi All,
> In my testing, it appears that the Sleep actor 
> (ptolemy.actor.lib.Sleep) sleeps more than it needs to.  Attached is a 
> workflow that demonstrates what I mean.  The Sleep actor in this 
> workflow never receives a token, and yet, the workflow still appears 
> to pause for the specified number of seconds.  Ideally, since the 
> fire() method should not be called on this actor, the workflow should 
> finish immediately.
> Is there a workaround for this?  Or am I misunderstanding something 
> about how the director or this actor works?
> I'm running Ptolemy 4.0.1 on Linux.
> Thanks!
> Xiaowen

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