[kepler-dev] EML200DataSource Problems

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Thu Oct 7 10:59:07 PDT 2004

I am looking into a different problem at the moment then I will take a 
look at this.


Chad Berkley wrote:

> I just tried this and get the same results...when i drag the bears 
> dataset out, it has no ports.  I then move the actor on the canvas and 
> 3 ports appear.  If I search for datos, find the datos dataset then 
> drag it out, it has no ports.  i then move the datos dataset and a 
> bunch of ports appear on the actor.  the bear actor, however, does not 
> change when i move the datos dataset.  I did not see that the number 
> of ports for the bear actor was incorrect, although the first time i 
> tried this, kepler completely froze while I was doing the 2nd search.  
> I couldn't repro that though.
> chad
> Dan Higgins wrote:
>> Hi Rod,
>>    I was playing around with the Data tab in Kepler and ran into some 
>> strange behaviors (bugs?) that you may know how to fix (unless it is 
>> just on my machine).
>> 1) Open a new Graph Editor. Then click on the 'Data' tab and search 
>> for 'bear'. The dataset "Bears are Really big" will appear in the 
>> tree. Drag it to the panel on the right. Everything is OK so far. [I 
>> see that now no output port no automatically appear and that one has 
>> to "Look Inside" to configure a table. I think it might be useful to 
>> have a default output of the table as a string (or a parameter to set 
>> that)].
>> 2) Before you 'Look Inside', just drag the icon around to a new 
>> location. Three output ports appear when you finish moving the actor!
>> 3) Now do another search (leaving the 'bears' actor in place), say 
>> for 'datos' and drag the result to the right. Now move this second 
>> actor. I get a bunch of output ports appearing on BOTH the datos and 
>> the bear dataset! The number for the 'bears' actor is NOT correct!
>> Can you reproduce this?
>> Dan

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