[kepler-dev] EML200DataSource Problems

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Thu Oct 7 12:00:21 PDT 2004

I have found a bug in the EML200DataSource, but that is a separate bug 
from the ports not updating, it's a bug JIng told me about.

It's my belief that it is a Ptolemy issue that the ports don't update. 
Also, I sent an email on this while back and didn't get a satisfactory 
answer. When I change the iconDescription attribute to a different SVG 
icon description it does not get updated on the screen until I move the 

In my local build I changed the RecordResult to initially have "busy" 
icon (as was suggested) and then when the ports are configured it 
changes itself to the icon we all know and love. But I'll say it again, 
the icon does not update unless I click on it and move it.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this is?


Chad Berkley wrote:

> I just tried this and get the same results...when i drag the bears 
> dataset out, it has no ports.  I then move the actor on the canvas and 
> 3 ports appear.  If I search for datos, find the datos dataset then 
> drag it out, it has no ports.  i then move the datos dataset and a 
> bunch of ports appear on the actor.  the bear actor, however, does not 
> change when i move the datos dataset.  I did not see that the number 
> of ports for the bear actor was incorrect, although the first time i 
> tried this, kepler completely froze while I was doing the 2nd search.  
> I couldn't repro that though.
> chad
> Dan Higgins wrote:
>> Hi Rod,
>>    I was playing around with the Data tab in Kepler and ran into some 
>> strange behaviors (bugs?) that you may know how to fix (unless it is 
>> just on my machine).
>> 1) Open a new Graph Editor. Then click on the 'Data' tab and search 
>> for 'bear'. The dataset "Bears are Really big" will appear in the 
>> tree. Drag it to the panel on the right. Everything is OK so far. [I 
>> see that now no output port no automatically appear and that one has 
>> to "Look Inside" to configure a table. I think it might be useful to 
>> have a default output of the table as a string (or a parameter to set 
>> that)].
>> 2) Before you 'Look Inside', just drag the icon around to a new 
>> location. Three output ports appear when you finish moving the actor!
>> 3) Now do another search (leaving the 'bears' actor in place), say 
>> for 'datos' and drag the result to the right. Now move this second 
>> actor. I get a bunch of output ports appearing on BOTH the datos and 
>> the bear dataset! The number for the 'bears' actor is NOT correct!
>> Can you reproduce this?
>> Dan

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