[kepler-dev] closing files in workflows

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 29 14:43:35 PST 2004

Hi All,

    I just spent some time trying to integrate the baseline GARP 
workflow with Rod's Digir source example for occurence data. I found 
that the integrated workflow (now in 
workflows/eco/garpModel_ImageJ_withData.xml) worked OK when I was 
running it with 'Animate Execution' turned on with a 2 sec delay, but 
crashed Kepler when run without animation. I traced the problem down to 
the FileWrite actor. It's output gets fired before the file is actually 
closed. (It was closed in the 'wrapup' method rather than the 'postfire' 
method where the file name is output.) Adding the file.close before the 
output fixed the problem.

    So, the lesson seems to be that if we are using files for 
trasmitting data in a workflow, we must make sure the file is closed 
before handing it off to the next actor in a workflow!


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