[kepler-dev] DataCacheManager document

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 29 11:38:57 PST 2004

Hey Rod,

After messing with this for a couple days, I've decided that we need to 
add one more param to the get and put methods.  It would look something 
like this:

DataCacheFileItem putFile(String filename,
                           String objectname,
                           String objecttype,
                           int location);

DataCacheFileItem getFile(String objectname,
                           String objecttype);

The idea behind this, is that I need to be able to name resources 
(independently of the physical filename) and also assign a type to them. 
  I would like to write a composite actor where you can say "give me 
object o with type t if it's already in the cache.  If it's not in the 
cache, put file f there and call it o and type it t."

Right now, I think the way the cache is working, is that the filename is 
basically the objectname that I'm talking about which doesn't work when 
you have different actors that create files with the same name but 
different extensions.

What do you think?


Rod Spears wrote:
> I just checked in a document explaining how to use the DataCachManager 
> including the new DataCacheFileItem
> kepler/docs/dev/DataCacheManagerOverview.html
> Rod
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